Tour bus sex.

Harry: “We shouldn’t be doing this Harry.” You whisper, pulling the curtain back even more. He leaned over you in the small space of his bunk, already having removed both of your clothes. He was right at you, threatening to let himself inside at any moment. “It’s okay. Just be…


Finally managed to squeeze in some time for my nails. Quick #uvgel mani. Graphic #leopardprint. #nailart #nails #prints #nailaddicts


Finally managed to squeeze in some time for my nails. Quick #uvgel mani. Graphic #leopardprint. #nailart #nails #prints #nailaddicts

Preference 23: He Talks About You In His Sleep (Requested)


Harry: “This is such bullshit!” you yelled, throwing your purse on the counter, once inside the door. “It is not. I saw you dancing with him, don’t try to deny it!” Harry argued back. “I was not! But you sure as hell were grinding with that blonde bimbo, you hypocrite!” Shit. The name calling had started. There was no going back now. The look that flashed across Harry’s face was a look of anger and hurt. It was gone as quickly as it had appeared, though. Before you could blink, Harry rushed down the hall, and returned with a pillow and blanket. “What’re you doing?” He said nothing, just settled in on the couch. You let out an exasperated sigh and threw your arms in the air, “I give up!” In the middle of the night you could hear loud mumbling coming from the living room. Looking at the clock, you saw it was 3:08am, and confused/intrigued, you snuck down the hall. Harry was sprawled on his back, the pillow had fallen to the floor, and his curls were swept across in his eyes, but he was mumbling, “[Y/N]….sor…sorry..” You paused, everything. Breathing, walking, blinking, it all came to a halt so you could hear. He continued, “…my..mhh..fault.” You broke, not being able to take it. You went and shook the boy out of his deep slumber, “Harry..Harr. Wake up.” “Huh? What do you- Oh..” he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his sorrowful eyes. “Look I’m—” You cut him off quickly, shaking your head. “Let’s just go back to bed,” you yawned, standing up, walking back to your room, Harry’s arms around your waist.

Louis: “Louis!” you squealed as you flung yourself into Louis’ waiting arms. You were at the airport to pick him up, as the boys’ tour had finally ended. You stayed to the side as Louis took some photos with the fans, finally being able to leave after about 15 minutes. Louis looked exhausted, so you offered to drive considering it was only about a 40 minute drive, nothing too bad. As you were going down a more rural part of the road you noticed Louis muttering to himself, as he was leaning his forehead against the window. You stifled some giggles, listening carefully, attempting to make-out what he was saying. He was quiet for a few minutes, and you thought maybe he had finished his sleep-talking. But soon he was muttering again, “…miss.her..” You couldn’t resist, “Who, Louis?” He moved a little, sitting up a bit more, before continuing, “[Y/N]…” You smiled. Louis had missed you enough to talk about you in his sleep. “Wanna go…home..” Louis mumbled, causing you to grin more. “Good, because we’re here,” you said unbuckling your seatbelt, leaning over the center console to kiss his cheek. His eyes fluttered open, still slightly droopy from sleep, he spoke clearly this time though when he looked at you and said, “God, I’ve missed you, [Y/N].”

Niall: It was another long night. Your best friend, Niall, was off jet setting around the world, having gorgeous girls throw themselves at him…he was living every guy’s dream. And where were you? Stuck in your flat missing him, while drinking tea, and getting ready for bed after another rainy movie/stay-inside all-day day. You had just brushed your teeth and were climbing into bed, when your iPhone rang on the nightstand table where it was plugged in. You had been hoping it was Niall, to pick up and hear him say, “I’m coming home early. I love you, I should’ve told you sooner. I’m sorry, meet me at the airport.” Or something else that seemed like it belonged in a romantic movie. But then again, you wished for that every day, only to be let down. Slightly depressed, you answered the phone, “Hello?” “[Y/N]?” a giggle came through from the other end. “Liam..? What’re you gu—” You were cut off by more stifled laughs and giggles, now being able to make out the other boys’.  “Look not a lotta time to explain,” Liam whispered. “But Niall’s talking about you in his sleep, thought you might wanna hear it.” You could hear someone in the background loudly whisper “Say it again Niall”. Say what again? you wondered.Suddenly, Niall’s Irish-accent came through, heavy with sleep, which only made it more attractive, “[Y/N]…” Okay, so that proved he was talking about you. Big whoop. Y’all were best friends. “What about [Y/N]?” someone, sounded like Louis, tried to clarify for your sake. “ her…” More giggles. You felt your face flush, though no one could see it, when you heard a woosh then Liam saying “Whoops. He’s awake. Gotta go. See ya soon, love. Bye from the boys!” Then silence. The call ended, and minutes passed before your phone vibrated alerting you to a message. Niall: Well…At least now you know… xx

Zayn: “She’ll love you, they all will,” Zayn said, talking about his mom and sisters when you meet them. “I-I don’t know Zayn,” you stammered. That had been a week ago, tomorrow was the day you finally went to meet them. You were so nervous you couldn’t stand it; you had been talking about it all week, here and there, probably driving your poor boyfriend crazy. It was now 1:41am, and you were wide awake. For the time being you’d given up on sleep and were propped up against the headboard. You were biting the nail on your pinky finger (a bad habit you picked up and were known for doing when you were nervous). You were thinking hard, brows furrowed and eyes focused on a wave in the blanket that was draped across the bed, when a soft voice caught your attention, pulling you from your far off thoughts. You listened for what seemed like ages, but in reality was seconds, till you heard a quiet murmur. Zayn’s deep accent, spoke quietly and quickly, “Calm…down…they’ll love…you…” You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding. You felt bad; Zayn was worrying about you in his sleep. Even though you felt bad, you suddenly felt your nerves lessen. You knew tomorrow would be no big deal as long as Zayn was by your side. Beyond grateful, you slid back down and snuggled up next to Zayn.

Liam:  You were lying in bed with Liam one night, reading, unable to sleep, comforted by the sound of Liam’s light snoring. You were completely engrossed in your book, laughing and mumbling to yourself about the events that were taking place. Liam suddenly started talking incoherently in his sleep, quietly at first, but then it became louder and more understandable.  His back was to you, so you had to really struggle to hear what was being said. All you could make out was “cute laugh…” You smiled to yourself and set your book on the nightstand, answering your sleepy boyfriend, “Really?” “Mmm..hmmm..” “Anything else?” you giggled, turning on your side to face him. “…[Y/N]’s…adorable..” he finished, followed by an obnoxiously loud and extremely fake snore. You poked his back, causing him to turn over; his brown eyes gleaming in the light cast by the lamp on the nightstand, crinkles near his eyes present from the slight grin that graced his face. “You’re a horrible actor,” you teased. “I know, that’s why I’m in the music business.” He wrapped one of his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, and pushed the hair off your shoulder then rubbed your cheek with the back of his other hand. “It’s true you know,” he crooned. You closed your eyes, relishing the moment, “Hmm?” “That you’re adorable,” he said in a ‘duh’ tone. He kissed your nose, resting his chin on top of your head. You quickly broke away and rolled over, turning off the light, then snuggled back allowing yourself to be enveloped into Liam’s arms.

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#74 He wasn't supposed to fall in love with you...
  • Harry: …but you’re so addicting. He can’t get enough of you-your flowery smell, supple skin, and haunting eyes. He craves you and needs you like air. His lips crushed against yours with so much force that by the time he breaks away, you’re gasping. “I should be running like hell,” he growls, teeth brushing your neck. His chest is hot to the touch. “What did you do to me?” Before you can answer, he’s kissing you again, hands eagerly trailing over your exposed body and yours locked around his sweaty neck.
  • Niall: …but you’re his everything. He tried to tell himself it wasn't true-he couldn't love you-it wasn’t possible or even a choice. With every fiber of his being, he attempted to deny it, but there was always that voice in the back of his head telling him the truth. He loves you-to the point where his heart beats only for the sake of you. He adores the way you smile and how your eyes crinkle but still shine. He savors the way your hand fits perfectly with his. Most of all, he cherishes the way you look at him-it’s just like how he looks at you-pure and wondering, filled to the brim with love.
  • Zayn: …but he couldn't resist. He wanted you, he tried and tried to stay away, but he couldn't. In the end he caved and ran into your waiting arms. His head rests against your racing heart, listening to the jagged rhythm. “This wasn't supposed to happen, you know,” he murmurs, his breath tickling your neck. “I’m not supposed to feel like I’m being ripped in half whenever I see you sad, I’m not supposed to want to protect you from the world, I’m not supposed to love you this much.” He looks you in the eyes, solemn and serious. Then, he smirks, “I’m fucking glad I don’t follow the rules,” and pulls you closer, stroking your silken hip with a callused thumb.
  • Louis: …but he lives for a challenge. The idea that he couldn't have you drove him crazy and he strove at nothing to make you his. His eyes hungrily take you in, eating you up till there’s not a speck left. You were untouchable, and that fact only made him want you more. It was supposed to be a one time thing, hooking up and leaving the next morning, but each time you fell more and more in love. You stay for hours staring into one another’s eyes, your love settling around both of your shoulders like a soft cloud.
  • Liam: …but you’re his perfect half. You know what to do when he’s crying, angry, or broken down. You know when to grab him and kiss him till his lips are swollen and when to slap some sense into him. His lips explore your neck, “I don’t know what I would do without you.” They curl into a bittersweet smile, “You really saved me, you know? You brought me back from the dark and taught me how to love.” He presses his forehead to yours, “Thank you.” The words resonate in your ears and your heart beats painfully in your chest as you lean in, completing the kiss.

#155: You're the interviewer.
  • Liam: “Being on tour, what do you think about when you’re performing?” You questioned a smile on your lips as your eyes raked over their faces. “I think for all of us we just think about how far we’ve come and it still amazes me…us that there are so many people, fans, that support us and are always behind us.” Liam said looking at you through his eyelashes a smile pulling at his lips. “I also think about how proud the people we love are of us.” He sat back in his seat as the boys nodded in agreement with the audience cooing. Liam smiled over at you mouthing ‘I love you’ slowly and a hint of color rose to your cheeks as you continued the interview.
  • Louis: “Fans want to know what can we expect from you guys in the future?” You asked getting comfortable in your spot on the couch beside them. “Oh you should know.” Louis said winking causing you to roll your eyes at him. “You should be expecting my child in the future.” He grinned pointing to your round belly. “Lou…I'm talking about your careers not our…your personal lives.” You shook your head and he shrugged his shoulders. “You weren’t really that specific with the question, babe.” He said and the boys shook their heads at him. “You guys can expect more…” Zayn started causing Louis to chuckle a bit as he shrugged once more. “I tried.” He mumbled.
  • Niall: The audience laughed after each of the boys’ responses to your question and all eyes were focused on Niall who looked to be thinking really hard. “Um…the most embarrassing thing on my Ipod would probably be you singing ‘Let Me Love You’…” He shrugged as the boys began laughing because they knew how terrible you were at singing. You narrowed your eyes at him playfully, “You recorded that?” You questioned and he nodded. “You looked cute princess…even though you didn’t sound all that great.” He smiled and you shook your head. “Wait…if it’s cute how is it embarrassing?” Harry asked staring at Niall. “Just wait till you watch it mate. You’ll understand.”
  • Zayn: “So [Y/N] I know you’re the interviewer…but we have a question for you.” Harry said a smile on his lips and Zayn lowered his face into his hands. With raised brows you shrugged, “Go for it.” You beckoned him to continue and you watched his smile widen. “Would you by any chance be free tonight? Because Zayn here,” Harry patted him on the back grinning over at him, “wants to take you to dinner.” He finished. “Harry. Ignore him.” Zayn grumbled letting his eyes trail over to you. “So…you don’t want to take me to dinner?” You asked jokingly and you watched his eyes widen. “Oh I do but I wanted to ask you after all of this.” He said motioning to the cameras. “But she can’t say no in front of the cameras mate…I'm helping you out.” Harry said happily.
  • Harry: Harry took the seat closest to you slinging his arm over the back. “Hey guys.” You grinned waving at each of them and they smiled back returning the gesture. “I know you’re on tour at the moment. You probably get this question a lot but what do you miss about being home?” You continued glancing at them. “Our family and friends.” Zayn said simply a smile on his lips. “Definitely…we all miss our family and friends so much.” Harry said softly staring down at you intently. “I'm sure they miss you a lot too Harry.” You said back just as softly and a small smile grew on his lips. “Do you miss me?” He asked with a raised brow and you rolled your eyes nodding your head. “Just a little.” You said jokingly.